Websale Data Security System™

Websale Data Security System™

Your customer and order data are protected by the Websale Data Security System™. This enables the order data to be completely encrypted from the purchaser to the distributor.

PCI certified

Our shop is PCI certified. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an internationally recognized safety test method which carries out regular security audits on servers and software components. The PCI certification guarantees that the shop adheres to the strict requirements set by credit card organizations (VISA and Mastercard) by way of verification processes, documentation and safety requirements.

SSL encryption

For your security, the data you input throughout the order process will be transferred by way of powerful SSL encryption.

Triple DES

Your orders will be encrypted with Triple DES when saved on the shop server, so that the information is not available or able to be read by unauthorized people. The order information is also encrypted as it is transferred to our logistics partner who carries out the order. Furthermore, even the automatic e-mail sent to confirm an order to the customer is digitally signed and therefore tamper and forgery-proof.

Payment Methods