FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Customer,

In this section, you can find out everything you need to know about our products, the ordering process, our prices, postage and packaging costs and our refund and returns policy. Simply click on the links below for more information about the area of your choice.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please contact our customer service team who will be more than willing to assist you. To do this, please complete our query form.

Orders, postage and packaging costs, payment methods and price information

You have already placed an order with us, but have:

  • not yet received an order confirmation.
  • not yet received confirmation of dispatch.
  • not yet received your order.
  • questions about your order.

Please contact our customer services team by filling out our query form. Please provide us with as many details as possible, to ensure our staff can assist you promptly and effectively.

Postage and packaging costs and delivery information

You can find out all you need to know about postage and packaging costs, countries we deliver to and delivery times under the menu item ‘Shipping information’.

Payment methods

You can find information about the payment methods we accept, our bank account details and everything else related to payment options under the menu item ‘Payment methods’.

Price information

Our prices are graded according to the container quantity purchased per order.

  • Ordering one container costs €49.90 (one month supply)
  • For orders of 2 containers, each container costs €41.90
  • For orders of 3 containers, each container costs €41.90
  • For orders of 4 containers or more, each container costs €32.90

This price scale is valid for any product combination.

As a general rule, we recommend euramin be taken over a period of at least three months. This is reflected in our attractive price model, which offers the biggest price advantage for ordering amounts intended for longer periods of time.

All of our prices are to be understood to include VAT.

For deliveries to non-EU countries, VAT is not charged and therefore prices minus 9% VAT are applicable. However in such cases, national customs duties will be charged in the recipient country. You are responsible for the payment of these customs duties. For deliveries to Switzerland, Swiss Post charge an additional service fee for the forwarding of customs duties.

Refund and returns policy

Our refund and returns policy can be accessed at any time under the menu item ‘Right of withdrawal’.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions can be accessed at any time under the menu item ‘T&C’.

Product quality and ingredients

Our products are manufactured in Germany using only high quality raw materials. Please consult our Quality standards menu item for more information on this topic.

Interactions and side effects can virtually be excluded. Slight complications can only arise if you experience an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, as can be the case with any food. To date, no customers have reported any such incidents.

You can find information about our product ingredients on the respective product pages.

It is possible and potentially beneficial to combine different euramin products. In doing so, please ensure that the recommended daily dosage of 4 capsules per day is not exceeded.

Payment Methods