euramin – High Quality at a Fair Price

euramin is a dietary supplement composed of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Nature serves as a model for us in regards to the structure and composition of euramin products. The well-being and satisfaction of our customers is always our utmost priority.

We place a great deal of importance on the premium quality of our products and services. Our focus on high quality and integrity already commences with the selection of ingredients and raw materials and continues with the sales process up to delivery and after-sales support.

Our Quality Philosophy in Detail:

  • Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany.
  • We only use ingredients of the highest quality.
  • We publish our product ingredients and composition, as transparency is especially important to us.
  • We cooperate with leading trading partners for our payment and delivery processes.
  • We market our products online at a fair price, without using intermediaries or agents.

Our products are manufactured exclusively
in Germany.

We are convinced that Germany is an optimal, safe and established location ideally suited for the manufacture of our products. Furthermore, we not only produce in Germany, but we also develop our products there.

Germany is a country renowned for quality and numerous conditions and provisions have to be adhered to when producing dietary supplements there. For instance, the stipulations from the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA) and the internationally recognized ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ (GMP). These practices do not only exist on paper, but are actually tested by authorities in Germany on a regular basis. This typical example of German thoroughness certainly makes sense to us and we are delighted to use these standards for your protection.

In this way, we adhere to the voluntary DIN standard ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization). In order to obtain this certificate, higher requirements have to be met than those normally needed to produce dietary supplements. Such certified quality facilities provide lasting compliance with our high quality standards.

The fact that we benefit from German know-how and adhere to German quality standards means that we incur considerably higher production costs than if we were to produce overseas. We nevertheless think the expense is totally worth it.

We only use ingredients of the highest
quality possible.

Cellulose instead of gelatine: quality is of the utmost importance to us, even when considering the material of our capsule outer shells. Although shells made of gelatine are a considerably cheaper alternative, we work in your best interests by refraining from this animal bone substance, and have instead chosen vegetable-derived cellulose. You will also not find artificial colourings or flavourings in our products.

We use L-carnitine from Switzerland and not from China. Carnipure is L-carnitine of particularly high quality, produced by the Swiss life-sciences company, LONZA©. Products which carry the Carnipure quality seal on their packaging are indicating to the consumer that pure L-carnitine from Lonza has been used.

is a trademark of Lonza AG, Switzerland.

There are several spatial structures of amino acids in nature. A differentiation of them is made between D-forms (from the Latin ‘dextro’, meaning ‘right’) and L-forms (from ‘levo’, meaning ‘left’). As the molecules are principally the same, i.e. the only vary in spatial composition; they also have identical chemical and physical properties. The biological properties are however not identical, as in biological organisms, L-amino acids are exclusively used for the production of proteins. This is because the enzymes involved in production can only handle L-forms. It is therefore effective to only supply the body with L-form amino acids. And that’s exactly what we do!

Therefore we can safely say that we are proud to be able to offer you the optimal dosage form for our high quality amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

We publish our product composition, as transparency is especially important to us.

We can also offer scientific quality, as we work in close cooperation and exchange information with the Swiss experts at The summariszed, international study material found on the site is highly respected in the field as conclusive and comprehensible. Our product composition is oriented around a solid scientific basis about amino acids and their spectrum of effects in combination with particular vitamins and minerals.

Our perfect product composition is our greatest advertisement! This is the reason why we publish our complete product composition including raw materials on our online shop. Compare our transparent and comprehensible website with those of our competitors. We are confident you will realise that we are able to manage perfectly well without bulking agents, colourings, gelatine, flavourings, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Our capsules are also lactose and gluten free.

We publish details about the quantity of capsules per container and how many capsules we recommend to be taken daily. One container is the equivalent to one month’s supply, which applies for all of our products. As a customer, you should certainly be able to have a clear picture of our products before you buy them. We are not afraid to be compared. Put us to the test!

We cooperate with leading trading partners for our payment and delivery processes.

Secure shopping: our shop is PCI certified. The ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’, or ‘PCI DSS’, is an internationally recognised safety test guideline which carries out regular security audits for credit card, debit card and store card transactions and protects the cardholder from the misuse of personal data.

The PCI certification guarantees that the shop adheres to the strict requirements set by credit card institutes (VISA and Mastercard) by way of verification processes, documentation and safety requirements. Powerful SSL encryption at either 128 or 256 bit is used for orders between the customer and the shop server. Orders are encrypted with Triple DES when saved on the shop server, so that the information is not available or able to be read by unauthorised people. The order information is also encrypted as it is transferred to our logistics partner who carries out the order. Furthermore, even the automatic e-mail sent to confirm an order to the customer is digitally signed and therefore tamper and forgery-proof.

Safe and secure delivery: we dispatch our goods as recorded DHL parcels. DHL is a leading international logistics organisation which offers our customers the greatest possible service regarding the delivery of our packages.

We market our product online at a fair price without using intermediaries or agents.

As we hold our customers in such high regard, we only supply our products directly from the manufacturer. No wholesalers who intend to make a profit, no retailers, no superfluous marketing or distribution channels. The money saved is invested in quality and a competitive, fair price. If we were to sell euramin through intermediaries, we would not be able to hold a price of around 25 cents per capsule.

And we would have to refrain from this kind of direct contact. This contact is however very important to us. We take your constructive criticism and comments seriously at all times. We are continually improving our products and services. Your positive feedback and praise is our greatest driving force.

The high number of loyal customers who re-order is certainly an indication that we are on the right track.

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